I cannot add a table to my project

09/24/20 Enzo

I have a same project in trax2D there I was able to add a table on for my track layout.

Also track height is not working ( I assume this is because the table ( ground level ) is not there.

When I add a height, the whole trackplan gets that heigt ... In trax2D I could add a height per track item.

So I have 2 issues, but I don't know if one is related to the other one. Could you please have a look at it, or maybe I am doing something wrong?


Fedor 09/24/20


both tables and height are currently not implemented. Height will be in the next release, hopefully somewhere this week.

(Editted 09/24/20)

Enzo 09/29/20

Ok thanks a lot for your answer, looking forward to it!

(Editted 09/29/20)

Fedor 11/14/20

Hi Enzo, did you have try with the new table feature? Love to see some results! Please post some screenshots here.

(Editted 11/14/20)