Fleischmann Piccolo

10/16/20 Simon van Wijlen

Hi, could you also add the Fleischmann Piccolo track library? I now see one N-gauge fleischmann library which is the one without ballast.


Fedor 10/16/20

Ok, I am diving into it... please allow about a day...

(Editted 10/16/20)

Fedor 10/17/20

I have uploaded the library, have a look and please let me know if anything is missing or not right.

(Editted 11/06/20)

Simon van Wijlen 11/01/20

thanks! pls close the ticket. Regards, Simon

(Editted 11/01/20)

Fedor 11/04/20

You - as the topic starter - can do so by clicking the three dots in front of the answer you like best - it will turn into a check mark.

(Editted 11/04/20)