Request for feedback on import feature

10/17/20 Fedor

I have added a TRAX2 Project import feature that allows you to import your existing projects. It will probe the TRAX2 database to see if you have any projects there and allow you to choose what projects you want to import. Once imported, you can reimport it at any time.

How to use it

1. In the upper right corner you will find the profile icon, click it.

2. Select 'Import TRAX2 Projects'

3. Select the projects you want to import and click 'Import Selected'

Note that the red row represents a project that was already converted once, still I could import it again if I want.

4. After that, go to your personal projects page

5. Find your imported project and open it.

6. If you are happy with the conversion, click the save button. This will finish the conversion and create a snapshot image.

Please note

  • Conversion is not perfect, please report your findings. Make some screenshots to show what is wrong. Please provide a link to your project as well.
  • Features that are not yet implemented in TRAX3D cannot be converted, stuff like tables and rooms will not be converted. Projects with tables might even give other unsuspected results.
  • You can repeat importing a project as much as you like. But note it will overwrite the projects previous import.

Let us know

TRAX3D is still in early testing phase. If you find anything that needs work, please let me know. 

Feedback on the import feature, please post it here.


Dipper 10/22/20

Hi Fedor, the import from 2D leads to a total mass of the layout.


(Editted 10/22/20)

Fedor 10/22/20

Interesting... I think I know what is happening here, please allow some time for further investigation.

(Editted 10/22/20)

Dipper 10/26/20

Hi Fedor, of course. I have created a new track.

There the import was much better. I did not enter any hight until now.

(Editted 10/26/20)