Miscalculating ??

10/28/20 Willem


Created a yard with several parallel tracks, all with the same elements (see

Now one of the tracks is showing 2 bullets, slightly apart. This means there is a slight gap between the connection, although that shouldn't be the case as all the elements are the same as the adjoining tracks and they're completely straight and parallel.

Please let me know what you think is happening here.


Fedor 10/31/20

Hard to tell, since I do not have the entire image. I think it is in the length of the flex track you put before it. Can you share a link and set the project to allow support?

(Editted 10/31/20)

Willem 10/31/20

Length of the flex shouldn't cause the problem as all the flexes are the same length, initially,

‚ÄčZell is the link.

(Editted 11/13/20)