Request for feedback on height functionality

10/01/20 Fedor

I just started implementing the height functionality. 

It roughly works like this:

  1. Select a piece of track (or more)
  2. In the context tab, there is a height input field. Enter a value or use the spinner buttons to increase or decrease height.

The track will move up or down, taking the connecting track with it. It will take into account the maximum slope you find under settings. This way you can create gradual slopes.

I am very interested in your feedback. Is it working? Do you find it intuitive? How can we improve on it? 


Stefan 10/14/20

Height works very well in principle. I find it very useful. Two questions:
1. I did not find where to define the maximum slope level
2. Is the height defined in the middle of a piece of track or at one of the ends? Knowing this is helpful for small layouts like mine.
(I use Linux / Firefox as browser - you can find my layout under projectID=16025186285513115)

(Editted 10/14/20)

Dipper 10/17/20


height works often not as expected. I think there should be a possibility to set 0 as default. I have the problem that suddenly 50% of my tracks are -3 after connecting one rail to a slope. There should be a general set to 0 function.

or at least a multi select. Or  am I just missing something.

(Editted 10/17/20)

Fedor 10/17/20


1. Max slope can be set in the new settings tab, it is in the side panel.

2. When a track piece is selected, height will be set for both ends. When you select just the connection (when you see the red arrow used for inserting and splitting) you can adjust just one end (this has yet to be implemented. Flex track will have adjustable height at any given point of the track (to be implemented).


When tables are implemented, there will be an option to default the height to the terrain height. But a 0-option for the floor could also be a good idea. I 'll look into it.

(Editted 10/17/20)