7 1/4 inch gauge garden railway

10/11/20 Kjell Terje H[AMP]oslash;iland

I am trying to find a program to plan my new 7 1/4 inch gauge garden railway in detail.  I need to be able to input the radius of the curves along with outdoor scenery.


Fedor 10/12/20

TRAX does allow you to input curve radius, so there that is a plus. We do not yet support for any 7 1/4 inch gauge library. But if you have some info on the geometry of your tracks, I would be happy to make a library. 

I think it would be great to include outdoor scenery, I think there are more garden railroaders out there who would be like to see that too. 

(Editted 10/12/20)

Kjell Terje H[AMP]oslash;iland 10/15/20

What I need is this: Straight section length 250 cm, adjustable.  Curved sections with radius 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 feet, length 250 cm measured by the outer rail, adjustable both in length and radius.  Switches adjustable in both length and radius.  Turntable adjustable in length/radius.  Outdoor scenery, bridges, tunnels etc.  These templates can be used by 5", 7 1/4" and 7 1/2" gauge.

(Editted 10/15/20)

Fedor 10/17/20

Do you have common dimensions for the switches? TRAX currently does not allow to enter custom geometry, I am planning on adding a feature to do this later on.

The curves and straights can be done with the current flex track functionality. So I will add flex track in the library that you can use to make curves.

(Editted 10/17/20)

Kjell Terje H[AMP]oslash;iland 10/19/20

I don't know the dimensions for the switches yet, but a rough estimate will be: 10 feet radius (3 meter) will have the straight section about 150 cm length, 20 feet radius (6 meter) will be about 200 cm length, and 30 feet radius (9 meter) will be about 250 cm length.  I have 2 switches 20 feet radius in a kit, but I haven't had the time to build them yet.

(Editted 10/19/20)