1.3.1 The project tab

On the project tab you will find functions for saving and printing, making screenshots, basic editting and navigation, a button to open this manual as a popup and a button to send a message to support.



Save your layout on the trax server.

 Item list

Show list with numbers of all track pieces used.

 Item list

Show list with numbers of all track pieces used.

 Take snap shot

Take a snap shot of the editor screen. The resulting image will be downloaded to your computer as a png-file.


With this dropdown box you can set the scale of your project. All popular scales are predefined, but you can also set a custom scale.

With scale we mean just the ratio between real life and the model. So if your gauge for instance is HOe or HOn3, you choose scale HO.



Undo the most recent action.


Redo the most recent undone action.


Copy the current selection to the clipboard.


Cut the current selection and save to the clipboard.


Paste from to the clipboard into the editor.


Open manual

Open this manual in a pop-up screen.

- Please note some browsers block popups. Your browser must allow pop ups from traxeditor.com
- In some browsers, the pop up will pop under when already opened. Check other open windows from the browser if you don't see anything happening.

Send support call

Closes the editor and takes you to the support form. This is the prefered route for any problems that may occur in the editor since it sends debugging information with the call.


 Exit the editor

Exits the editor and return you to the project list.